For each search assignment, we conduct a detailed intake interview with hiring managers and talent acquisition teams to gain a detailed understanding of the range of qualifications and experience that constitutes minimally-qualified for the role through ideally-suited. We also seek to understand what the company offers in terms of career growth and the unique features of the culture and challenges of the role.

Through networking, outreach and sourcing, we identify, interview, pre-qualify and refer professionals whose experience and goals are well-suited for the role, who are interested in learning more about the opportunity, and professionally and personally well-suited for the client’s culture and organization. 

We follow-up all referrals in a timely manner for feedback and next steps, minimizing time-to-hire. We coordinate the interview process between candidates and stakeholders in the hiring process. This includes scheduling and confirming meetings, preparatory conversations to maximize the value all parties take away from interviews, and prompt and in-depth feedback throughout the process.

By taking a relationship-based approach throughout all our interactions with clients and candidates, we are able to work with all parties to optimize offer negotiations to maximize the likelihood of client’s successful acquisition of their candidates of choice. 

Protecting confidentiality is paramount throughout our process and in all our business relationships.

We offer a guarantee for all placed candidates against termination for any reason other than the elimination of the position. 

Let’s begin with a conversation about your organization and culture. By developing an understanding of the unique features and challenges – broadly and specific to each search – we are able to refer candidates most likely to contribute successfully and grow with the organization. 

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